Villa Moda



As my first post at a design firm in Boston, I was hired by Nader Tehrani for a competition team on Villa Moda. The scheme is one of a matt-building, program layers nested within a flexible structural system that supports luxury condos above – a souk, wave pool, theaters and a shooting range on the ground levels. (We used a soccer field for scale)

Villa Moda started as a competition but became a speculative work that carries with it much of the pre-occupations that dominate the work of NADAA today. It is unbuilt – but earned a Progressive Architecture award.

Nader and a small team at Office dA was a profound albeit short-term experience. His clarity, intelligence, and charisma make great work an incredible process. In some ways it was unfortunate that I couldn’t keep going with the office – but when we had to suspend the project due to financial limitations, Nader introduced me to Frano Violich of  KVA MATx.



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