Urban Design Build



FACULTY: Kyle Sturgeon, Charles Garcia

STUDENTS: Wes Baumgartner, Janine Croke, Lisa Gomes, Rebecca Grace, Andrew Paine

United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury, South End/Lower Roxbury Open Space Land Trust

This is the first completed project of the UDB workshop I organized at the Boston Architectural College. The studio began with a rigorous contextual analysis as students meet with community members to determine the architectural quality and siting. This culminated in a design selection meeting where three developed designs were presented for selection. During construction, our relationship with the broader community strengthened as we enlisted residents for site work.

The Peace Park plays a pivotal role in the life of the local community – used for musical performances, barbecues and other social gatherings. Students bot designed and constructed an amphitheater/stage that could be packed up when dormant or deployed for community events. We conducted ergonomic studies to create contours for concrete benches that adapt to multiple uses. Three benches hold plywood boxes that are used as portable seating or can be assembled onto a stage platform for performances. Overhead canopies are designed to provide shade and double as projection surfaces for film screenings at night.

STUDENT BLOG: bacdesignbuild.blogspot.com

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