Commissioned Work – 2011 – Detroit Michigan

CLIENTS: 2:1 Detroit (Jeffrey Williams, Gregory Holm)

COLLABORATORS: Jono Sturt, Charlie Veneklase, Lauren Shirley

The ‘pyrophone’ is similar to a pipe organ – but uses a single, small, precisely controlled flame, that when projected into glass tubes produces a sustained tone. The temperature difference between the flame and the glass tube causes the air to oscillate, which is perceived as sound.

Fire House Detroit is a continuation of the dialogue that began with the symbolic Ice House Detroit, which focused an international lens on the city’s neglected neighborhoods and the national housing crisis. The 2011 show aspired to be a nexus for partnerships with cultural institutions, neighborhood advocacy groups, and the talented young people of Detroit through performance.

Through the repurposing of a historic Fire House, Engine Company #4 became the location for staging a live event where by contemporary artists and composers engaged with Detroit’s inner city youth in a truly collaborative way – transforming the façade of this historic structure into a resonant musical instrument.


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