Laser Lab Rehab


As Coordinator of Fabrication Labs at the BAC, I organize calls for student design-build proposals each semester. Typically these calls are to improve the the way we use space on campus – and they are interdisciplinary. Depending on budget capabilities, the quality of the submissions, and the level of potential impact – they may or may not be built.

Winning proposals, like the Laser Lab Rehab take advantage of our in-house fabrication capabilities, and speak to emerging culture at the school. They are well conceived proposals from well organized student teams. Galvanizing the team is an important act. The spectacle of the construction process alone, raised awareness of three BAC ‘Makerspaces’ at once! The CNC milled ‘script-screen’ culturally designated the Laser Lab as a ‘place’ and in the process modeled an important design workflow to the students.


Competition Director/Build Coordinator: Kyle Sturgeon

Design Build Team: Delia Gott, Sean Carey, Scott Hagen

CNC Operators: Levi Tofias, Jeff Nunez, Rand Lemley

Shop Monitor: Jason Detwiler

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