“KVA bought and renovated the Blue Bird Bottling Plant on the south edge of the South End to create an integrative design facility consistent with our interdisciplinary practice. Our new headquarters expands KVA’s professional capabilities with a fully networked set of design and prototyping spaces, as well as workshops for MATx, our in-house materials research division.” – KVA MATX


I worked closely with Frano Violich and Sheila Kennedy throughout the design process. During construction I acted as field architect and assistant project manager making design decision in realtime with the general contractor and participating in all elements of construction. Post-construction, I developed these diagrams and drawings to formally present the project.


A workshop, optics lab, and conference room on the ground level. Shouldering a double height vestibule, a full height glazed wall visually connects the conference and CNC rooms to the entry volume. A wooden platform within a original lift shaft transforms the volume into a library space for research and discussion. Large sliding partitions accommodate transportation of large materials. At the open plan studio level, a field of skylights reduces the scope of electrical work and provides a naturally lighting. To promote the use of a full wall material library, I combined prebuilt office components to design work carts for each employee.

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