50 Shades of Green


COURSE TYPE: Advanced Interdisciplinary Workshop

FACULTY: Kyle Sturgeon, Lauren Shirley

CONTEXT: In architectural practice, the ”greening” of buildings has become a banality. In academia, the green wall and the green roof are too often merely signifiers – tentative placeholders for sustainable design or an enduring need to connect humans with natural systems. In this workshop, the proxy ‘thin green line’ is put to the test – pushed, pulled, and recast in order to choreograph new productive partnerships between buildings and their dynamic context.

FORMAT: Each semester is organized into two parts; both of which emphasize detailing and diagramming as primary means of conveying information. Part 1 is a collaborative investigation of four topic areas through the critique of built precedents that aggressively utilize sustainable technologies. Part 2 asks each student to develop a design polemic – individually selecting a scale, program, and site for intervention – that takes advantage of, or amplifies a case study’s ambitions.

DELIVERABLE: At the close of each semester, students collect and curate the work in the form a booklet, intended as a resource and provocation for the larger BAC community. 50SOG asks student to articulate and deploy innovative hybrid systems in order to realize the social values, programmatic relationships, and spatial experiences they wish to see in our constructed landscape.

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